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March 2003

1 March

Well, I have been insanely busy this last week. If you have been keeping up with my incessant ramblings, you would know that settlement on my old house in Ballajura went ahead on the 21 February, but what I haven't told you yet is that I am moving into a new place in Dianella.
While I am still going to be renting, the arrangement is a little better. My parents, who have been wanting to buy (but putting off) an investment property for years, have finally taken the plunge, and their first tenant is going to be Drum roll please... ME!
Yeah I bet you didn't see THAT one coming

I have spent the last week getting organised, and we made a start on the move today, taking all the stuff for the shed, as well as the outdoor furniture and some of my office stuff, most of the kitchen stuff, all the stuff from the laundry... I'm totally STUFFED!!!
One day down, two more to go Top

16 March

Well, as you probably have guessed the last couple of weeks have been fairly busy with the move. I did the actual moving over the long weekend (3rd March) and was certainly an interesting exercise in logistics.
Although settlement was Thursday 27th February, the previous owners didn't move out until the Saturday morning. It turns out (I didn't realise this) that you have until midday the day after settlement to move out, so really they should have moved out on the Friday. They requested permission to move out on the Saturday, and we really had no option but to let them.
This was the first spanner in the works as I was originally planning to make a start on the painting before I picked the kids up in the afternoon.
The second was more of a hiccup than a spanner. They were still loading the truck when we drove past at 1pm Saturday afternoon, despite assurances that they would be out by noon.

Thankfully we didn't have to wait too much longer, and about 1.30 we made out first trip.
Saturday was planned essentially as a preliminary move, getting all the basic stuff out of the house without moving too much as we were still going to be in the old house that evening.
Sunday was designed to be the main move, leaving behind a couple of things to facilitate the painting of the new house. (ie leaving the big heavy display unit behind and getting it on Monday.)
As it turned out, we managed to get everything out on Sunday.

After the kids went to bed I made a start on the painting, getting the lounge room done and allowing me to put the furniture in place.

The move pretty much went according to plan from there on in. It was just annoying having to start behind the eight ball. In fact, really I have only had two problems.
Problem 1 is Telstra.
Now I am sure that if i was with Bigpond I wouldn't have had half the problems connecting my adsl account to the new address, but yet, two weeks after I moved in, I am still waiting for my Internet connection to be re established... Apparently it's going to be tomorrow... yeah tomorrow!
Problem 2 is a pedantic property manager
Despite the fact that I spent ages cleaning the old house, I received a 3 page fax of 'please cleans'. I found this particularly ridiculous as most of what she put on the list were already done, including the skirting boards and the exhaust fan in the bathroom... And as hard as I try I still can not find the alleged cobweb in the laundry.
Now I am not saying that my cleaning is 100% perfect, there were a couple of things that needed doing, ie some of the window sills, but for goodness sakes. The damn house is clean
Maybe it was because I was a guy living alone.
Not happy Jan! Top

17 March

...Maybe tomorrow...

21 March

Apparently my broadband was already connected. It got done last Friday. That does make sense cause the phone was disconnected for about 10 minutes that day, and I was hoping that was an indication that things were happening at the exchange.
Arachnet got the completion orders faxed from Telstra on Saturday morning, I got a call on Tuesday afternoon saying it had gone through, to which I said it hadn't as I was still getting a 'physical line error' message from my router. Arachnet then lodged a fault with Telstra.

On Tuesday afternoon the 'synch' light on my router became active so I thought great, all up and running. Opening a random webpage confirmed that, so I gave Arachnet a call to let them know I was back online and if they had heard anything from Telstra.
Telstra were claiming there was no fault and everything was working fine, which I suppose it now was.

It remained 'fine' until Thursday afternoon when I got disconnected once again with no synch light and the status showing a physical line error... I phoned Arachnet... They phoned Telstra and by Friday afternoon it was back up again

I hope this isn't going to be a consistent problem, my connection was so reliable before I moved.
Yay for Telstra Top

27 March

Coming up next month...I get political

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