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April 2002

28 March

A week ago we lost our beloved cat chico. He was hit by a car outside our house, a combination of his lack of road sense and everyone speeding down our street. The car didn't even stop, and if it wasn't for ur neighbour letting us know, it would have been a while before we found him.
Chico was never really an outdoor cat. There were some days when we would have to kick him outside just so he would get exercise (although he usually just ended up sleeping in Amanda's car.
Chico was not aloof like many cats, he was faithful and needed company. He was placid and tolerant with the children, even though they sometimes treated him like a stuffed toy. When he was a kitten, he would like to travel in the car with us. Not yowling and fretting in a cat box, he was happy climbing up on the dashboard and watching out through the windscreen. If he hadn't got so big, he probably would have kept doing that.

Not long after we got chico he got sick. It turned out he had an Iron deficiency and a lactose intolerance. It took a lot of care to nurse him back to health. He was never much of a jumper, but he would climb everything.
When we first got him we were living in a villa in Bassendean, our back fence backed on to Collier Road, a major arterial road, and we were constantly having to rescue him. He used to climb a tree to get over the fence, only to have no access getting back. We would have to then drive around to retrieve him, what was only a few centimetre's away over the fence was a good 500 metres away by foot.

A week has gone by and there is still an empty space in out lives and our hearts for our special friend.

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In Memoriam of Chico. He was more than just a cat, he was part of the family.

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