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April 2003

3 April

The war in Iraq
I do not believe that the current invasion on Iraq is justifiable, ...Read This Article

17 April

Yesterday was Prosh day, a day when the students at UWA get out on the streets and sell their satirical paper in all sorts of costumes.
They follow a usual theme every year of course, boys in private school "schoolgirl" uniforms, a whole collection of monsters, faeries and angels, a construction team sitting in the middle of the intersection of Hay and Murray Streets (during the pedestrian phase of course), a similar team at the Hay and William Intersection playing cricket, but hats off to the guy in the pac man outfit, it was certainly something different, and it looked hell difficult to manage being almost as big as the wearer.

Easter is upon us, and I thought I would get some of the people I work with some eggs. Nothing expensive, just a little something. It was a great idea in theory, however when I was leaving for work this morning I couldn't find my cellular phone. Ringing it located it sitting on the dashboard of my van, rather stupid really seeing as its already been broken into once this year.
Of course this distraction was enough for me to leave all the eggs on top of the fridge.
Oh well... its the thought that counts (apparently)
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