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August 2001

I am working on a new project called... Well maybe I can't say cause I'd like to keep this page as Disney clean as possible... Lets just say this is a satirical site and although I dont necessarily agree with some of the concepts, I am treating it is purely a coding exercise. The interesting point of it I find is I'm having to work in an environment where there is no physical contact with other contributors, it is all done via email or through internet chat.

Things that annoy me on the road. (Part one)
As I am on the road all the time, I get to see my fair share of idiots, and hey, i know there are times when I make mistakes as well so no one is perfect, but this isn't about me (well... Not in a negative sense.) Here are some of the things that upset me the most -

People who dont keep left ... Yes I know you are probably turning right in the next 10 km but thats no excuse.
People who go just under the speed limit but as soon as you try to overtake them they speed up until you are both going about 20 or 30 over. Then, when you slow down and pull in behind them they drop back down to their original snail's pace.
A big hello to the stupid woman the other night while I was on my way to TAFE the other night. After doing 50 and taking off slowly the whole way, we pulled up at a set of lights where I finally had an opportunity to overtake her. She got in the right lane so I took the left lane. Just after the lights had changed for the people in the other direction (but before they changed green for us), she speed off, so as to get in front of me when the lanes merged. To make matters worse, as soon as she got in front of me she turned left, causing me to brake sharply.
Another idiot I saw on the road was a guy who ran out of petrol. It was in peak hour traffic on Lord Street in Mt Lawley, just before the Walcott St lights (For interstate and overseas readers that is a key arterial road out of Central Perth's east end.) So there he is... filling his car with a jerry can and holding up traffic just 80 metres UPHILL from a petrol Station. Have you heard of gravity mate!!!


Funny you should mention that Stu...
On the 4th of August I'm off to Indonesia - YAY.
I cant wait, get away from this cold weather, be able to sleep in, not have 2 drive anywhere, consume copious amounts of alkyhol (Alcohol). Well... probably not that last one. I will be going to the islands of Bali and Lombok and will be gone about a week... And NO... I'm not taking my phone with me... it's a holiday...

Ciao for now.

Post Script - Between the time of writing this and the time of uploading I had to go out. On the way home we decided to stop in at Mcdonald's to get some lunch. Now I am not a big fan of their burgers, (In fact I hate them), but I do like the chicken nuggets. So I got nuggets for Amanda and myself and a cheeseburger for Emily. The cheeseburger we wanted plain, as its not easy for a two year old to eat if it has pickles, salad and mustard in.
This confused the girl at the counter, so she asked us if we just wanted the "meat and the sauce", to which we replied "yes".
She then asked us if we still wanted the CHEESE on our CHEESEBURGER!!!! (hmmmm... I wonder if she was filling up her car on Lord St.)

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