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September 2002

1 September

I need to spend more time with my children.
Its a dream of course, because I know its not going to happen.
Lately I only tend to be really happy when I have them, but the underlying feeling it that by Sunday, I will have to return them. Why can't I have them longer?
How come Amanda sets all the guidelines for contact and that is that?
I know I shouldn't complain, by all accounts I get to see them more than a lot of seperated fathers do, but I still can't help feeling like I am the one who is disadvantaged by this, simply because I am male.
Happy XXXXXXX fathers day

Note to self: Don't write journal entries on Sunday evenings, when your depressed... They come out Jaded and cynical!


15 September

I was going to write something for September 11, but as the event got closer, it got more swamped in a media circus attempting to make as much money as they can on sensationalistic news reporting.
In the end I turned the TV and Radio off and hid out for the day.
You may notice I have a new hit counter on the page. I have set it to start at 1200 because I have no idea where the other one left off. The company who were supplying the counter have discovered as many internet companys have recently, that advertising banner revenue is not enough to offset the large costs involved with running that kind of internet site.
I have selected a counter from Bravenet, and hopefully, if they decide to pull the pin, they will give the users adaquate warning to get their stats up to date. After all, it is very annoying when, after several days of not seeing your counter, you go to the website, only to find they no longer exist!

Well... It is now a month till my birthday, so I suppose i should send out my wish list. At the top of the list is a new big widescreen television... Ahhh what the heck, may as well make it a plasma one afterall, I just KNOW thats going to happen!
But on a more serious note. Music is good, CD's (or better yet CD vouchers) also, I could use some more towels for the bathroom, and things to brighten up this house wouldnt go astray either. Hope this is helpfull.
Of course, you COULD get me an MP3/CD tuner for the car... I won't say no to that :P~ Top

17 September

I heard on the news this morning that Iraq had decided to unconditionally allow United Nations weapons inspectors back into the country, which took me a little by surprise.
What DID NOT take me by surprise was the announcement a few hours later by the USA that they may still invoke war on that country. Yeah typical of the United States to impose their will on the rest of the world. Not surprisingly, our fearless leader (little Johnny Howard) couldn't wait to get down on his knees and act as George W's Monica Lewinski.
So I guess if the US does decide to go into Iraq contra to the mandate of the United Nations, we will be following closely behind.


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