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November 2002

6 November

I don't know why, but this week I have been really tired. OK, so I accept that I am usually tired after Rally Australia, but I DID have an unusually large amount of sleep this year. I had a late start on Saturday, and i got a solid 5 hours sleep in the back of the van down at Sotico, not to mention the fact that I slept most of Monday away.
I guess its a sign that I'm getting old. Hell, 5 hours sleep. I can remember when i got that amount of sleep over the whole event. Top

11 November

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus... Yes, it is November, and yes, the shops and arcades are starting to play christmas carols in an effort to entice you to hand over your dollars.
Bah, humbug
Today is November 11, I don't suppose we can extend the minute silence to cover the whole day.
Actually, on second thoughts, how about an embargo on Christmas retailing before December
HA... It will never happen. Top

12 November

I tend to do a large amount of websurfing in the process of building my websites and frequently I get sent links like 'What (insert variable) are you?'
I tend to ignore these links because they really are all the same, you do a predictable quiz and the get some rundown at the end, so it was rather unusual that I actually clicked on one. It was the 'What obscure Simpsons character are you?' quiz
It turns out I am the comic book guy (a complete geek they say... ahhh yes but I am the ubergeek), but it also gave you the opportunity to view all outcomes, so I had a look and found something MUCH more appropriate...

This is to all the people at Malaga Delivery Centre who have taken to calling me Disco Stu... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Top

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Its Long John Silver... or is it Captain Feathersword
Awwwk, Pieces of eight, pieces of eight, awwwk!

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