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December 2000

Welcome to my NEW website...
I decided that it was time for a couple of changes. First of all the address was a little long winded, i'd like to get a .com addy but that won't happen for a while so I will have to settle for this.
Also, I wanted to give my site a fresh look as my design skills have improved somewhat since the last time I revamped the site.
I havent really been slack... I've been working on my parents site and a friends commercial site, as well as... you know... I get on mIRC and loose all track of time!

OK ... So we are rapidly approching Christmas and I have to admit, I am getting a little excited this year. Emily is 19 months old and will be more aware of something different.
Nina, our small cat, played more cunning this year. Knowing from last year that we would growl at her for playing with the tree, she waited till we were in bed before going into destruct mode with it. Its a good thing she adopted Emily as her owner or she would be slightly dead by now!!!

With christmas comming I am getting busy, having already made a start with the christmas baking and planning the menu for christmas dinner...I would like to beat last year effort, but those Morton Bay Bugtails in a creamy garlic sauce are going to take a lot of topping... Stay tuned for the January update, I'll let you all knowwhat the final menu was. (I'm leaning towards garlic prawns for an entree' by the way)

Jamie v's the biscuit

Photo pick of the month
The long awaited sequel to Emily v's the biscuit... YES...IT'S... Jamie v's the biscuit

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