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December 2001

December 1

I have been incredibly busy. I have had a lot of work to get through at TAFE, and for the last week, I have been working full steam on revamping this site. If you want a rundown of what I have been doing to the site, click here.

As of today a new speed limit applies to most minor roads in built up areas. The government have decided to drop the limit down to 50kmh in a bid to 'save lives'. No doubt if you are a regular reader of this site you will know my position on the 'speed kills'. I firmly believe this piece of misinformation has become endemic. The fact is that it is easier to clamp down on speeding and as a result, true unsafe driving practices are mostly overlooked. Making people travel 10kmh slower will not stop tailgating, it will not make people check their mirrors and be more aware of whats going on around them. And i guarantee it will not stop the idiots who do 90 down my suburban street, because the police, who do NOT revenue raise, will be targeting the busy backstreets, not the quiet ones.

December 9

Well... Plans for christmas are well and truely underway. We put our tree up very early this year, November 25th in fact, and Emily had a great time helping decorate it. We have gone for a very minimalistic tree this year for obvious reasons. James is in to everything he shouldn't be, and so we have left all the delicate glass ornamants in the shed. The only thing on the tree is the lights and those thin foil strips called iceicals. It looks really good - so long as the lights are turned on.
This week I have made a start on the christmas baking, as well as planning out the menu for the family dinner. We had decided last year that we wern't going to do dinner here this christmas, as we had done the last two years, but as time approched, we realised that our house is really the only one that is kid proof (mostly).

December 19

It seems for the second year in a row my health is determined to put a dampner on christmas. A week ago I put my back out at work. Not a very good thing when you are self employed and no work equals no money.
I have had Linda doing my morning run as well as the afternoon run, which makes it a long day for her. She says she doesn't mind, and i'm sure the extra money will come in handy for her leading up to christmas.
My main concerns is my inability to do things like mow the lawn or do any lifting at a time when I am supposed to be getting everything ready. Ahh well... no doubt I will work something out and everything will fall into place. In the meantime... pass me the painkillers.

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