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January 2001

Welcome to the New Millenium. Yes all you pedantic people. You too can catch up with Popular Culture!
Ok first. Christmas.

It didn't go quite as I expected... I wasn't planning on getting sick five days before, and I definatly wasn't planning on still being sick christmas day
Actually, Christmas morning I was feeling a little better, apart from the cough. I woke up at 5am and got stuck into cleaning up the patio before it got too hot. I made a start on dinner about 9am, preparing some rice and cooking the prawns (leaving enough raw for the garlic prawn starter).
At 1.30pm, with both roasts in the oven, I went to bed to get some sleep waking up just before 3pm when my alarm went off. Feeling dazed I went and had a shower before attempting to get back on with the dinner.
Unfortunatly, by this point, I had lost ALL motorvation and I slowly struggled between preparing the meal, and sitting down resting.
Amanda's parents arrived first, which was good because I was able to call upon some help in the form of Amanda's mum, Pat, who helped me in the kitchen.
With the workload seeming a lot less daunting, we finnished off the final bits and pieces and dinner was served at 7pm. menu

Well Emily had a lot of fun playing in wrapping paper and both kids did very well out of it. In fact, we may need a bigger house just to hold all their toys. Emily got a mini bouncey castle which is soooo cool that I wish I could have a go ( I know I'll just pop the seams or something though as its only for kids under 8)
Jamie seems content playing with a steering wheel with lots of buttons on it for horns and sirens (when Emily isn't trying to steal it)
Amanda and I got cash (is good stuff!) from my parents who were left this year wondering what to get us. I think we are getting hard to buy for! I used my share to get a new CD tuner for the van. I haven't had a CD player in my vehicle since 1997 when we traded the Corolla in on a new Subaru wagon. (Since replaced with an 8 seater van with the arrival of Jamie, and the realisation there was no way we were all going to fit in the Imprezza)

Plans for New Years eve.
At this stage... Staying home watching a video... yeah I know, "boring". However this year I can't recall hearing anyone planning anything. Maybe everyone is over it after last years over-hype

Nah... It's probably just me...HAPPY NEW YEAR

Emily with Nana and Grandpop

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Emily with Nana Olivia and Grandpop Russell

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