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January 2002

January 5

Well... Thats Christmas and New Year over once again and I must say, I had lots of fun. My back, which had been giving me grief was feeling a lot better, leaving me to spend Christmas day in the kitchen preparing (way too much) food. This year I decided to forego the entree and concentrate on the buffet meal, which was outstanding, even if i do say so myself (and I do!)
If you are interested, click here for the menu. I recommend you don't do this on an empty stomach.
New Years eve was a relatively quiet affair, spent over my mate Robert's house. Good evening had by all and, because I didn't have to drive home, I was able to have a drink or six.

I haven't updated the photo of the month page at this stage because I'm waiting to get the film developed... Yes, I know, I'm slack :P

January 15

Amanda's and my eighth wedding aniversary today. Went to a gelare store for waffles and icecream for lunch, very naughty... well... It would be if we were on a diet I guess. Dropped the films off to be developed, so YES, there is a new picture. Not much is new since my last update, the weather is finally looking like summer, with hot days and warm evenings, although we havent had an evening hot enough to leave the airconditioning on all night yet. Still, I guess it's only a matter of time.

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