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January 2003

28 December

Well... my new years resolution is to not have cynical articles like last month in my journal. I give it two weeks... tops.
Although, I suppose I did manage to get a lot off my chest and sometimes that is more important, and also, now that I have had time to think about what I am going to do, I feel a little better

I probably will keep going with what I am doing.
I don't want to jump from the frying pan to the fire, and I think it will be hard to find another job that gives me the flexibility I need to do my web work.
Speaking of my web work, that side of the business is finally starting to pay for itself, hopefully one day soon, I will be able to make a living out of it. (Here's hoping)

I also plan to put a few more entries on the page this month. Last month I was so busy I didn't have time to do anything.

2 January

Over the last couple of days I have heard two different stories of fathers who don't want anything to do with their kids, the worst one of the two was the one who took his kids out for a rare access visit and, because they misbehaved, ended up getting no Christmas presents.
Hello? I just don't understand people like that.
I know that I get a decent amount of time with my babies, and I still don't think it is enough, so I guess I have a hard time comprehending why some people are like that

I caught Emily on her big arival in May 1999, I missed Jamie, he was 20 KM ahead of me Top

13 January

Things are looking up on the house front. The time had come to sell it and so, last Tuesday I was over there helping Amanda clean up, and we decided to call in the agent and do all the paperwork.
Well, the For Sale sign went up on Friday, we had another big cleanup on Saturday, and our first home open on Sunday...
And we have accepted an offer already
It was pretty much at the price we were aiming for, so we decided to accept rather than push for a little bit more. We would have probably had to fork out money to fix the bore (which needs priming everytime you want to turn it on) anyway! Top

16 January

Ahhhh... The heady exciting world of real estate, the offer on our house fell through this afternoon, but never fear, we had a new one on the table within a couple of hours!!! Top

22 January

On New Years eve I had a little barbeque get together thingie. Anyway, a couple of people slept over to avoid driving home late in the evening and under the influence of alcohol
One of those people had her car broken into that morning, we found out when we got woken up by a neighbour who was walking her dog, and no, it wasn't the same friend who had her car broken into in October!
Well! Sunday was my turn... I came out to my van on Monday morning and when I got to the drivers door, I noticed it wasn't shut properly, 'Odd' I thought, I pushed the door closed, expecting to hear the clunk of the central locking opening, but it was silent. Opened the unlocked door and was greeted with the sight of cut wires hanging out of the dash where my CD player used to be.

Well, I had a look around the van, and I couldn't see any broken windows, I couldn't see any damaged locks, all I was left with was this nagging doubt that I hadn't locked the van up.

Anyone who knows me, knows my short term memory is pretty shocking, but because of the chain of events Sunday evening, I actually DO remember locking the vehice

Still the nagging doubt.

It wasn't until almost two hours later that I discovered how they got in, by breaking the lockdown plate on the back sliding window, they were able to just slide it open (although I don't know why they bothered to close it again after themselves.)
Anyway, the CD player isn't covered by insurance, and even if it was, it wouldn't be worth paying the excess as well as losing my no claims bonus.

Speaking of crooks, I phoned my bank yesterday to organise a discharge from our mortgage. They are unfrickin'believable!
In November 2000 we refinanced our existing mortgage to take advantage of a lower interest rate and a cancellation of bank fees on our personal savings accounts.
We did what a lot of people do these days and split the loan, putting some into a variable offset mortgage, and the lions share into a 5 year fixed term (and wasn't THAT the mother of all stuffups!)
To get out of the variable loan is going to cost us nothing, to get out of the fixed term loan, however, is going to cost us settlement fees, documentation fees, Government fees, fixed rate fees and the kicker... a ridiculously high 'economic' fee. (Essentially what the bank feels its losing out on by cutting the loan short)
So to summarise. The fixed component, we borrowed $94,000 for, we paid establishment fees and made repayments for 26 months.
To get out of that loan, we will have to pay back a total amount of $95,376. Yes that is over a thousand dollars more than we borrowed. Top

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