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December 2002

4 December

I can't believe it has now been two years since I decided to revamp my website and include a little bit of a log so people can see some of the strange and twisted things that go on inside my head... Oh no wait... Thats the x rated version... My bad!
Emily is obsessing about Christmas trees this year, it is so cute! I put mine up around the 25th of November, a little early I know, but I wanted to do it while I had both of the kids and waiting until this weekend would have been too late.
What else is new as we lead up to christmas. Well, I am having a total stress out over things at work at the moment. We are totally unappreiciated in what we do, to the point where, at a recent staff meeting prior to handing out an award, our boss told us that none of us really deserve to recieve anything
Apparently he was 'talked into it' by some of the other office staff.
I know I shouldn't be worried about his attitude, I KNOW I do a good job, and the people I work with directly know I do a good job, and thats all that matters, but in a way it really bugs me, especially as he once told me that I don't deserve an award because I don't work hard enough.

Don't work hard enough... PFFT!

Just because I don't work full time, doesn't equate to not working hard. I have a hell of a lot of mail to shift, and some of it I don't even get paid for.
Maybe he is just jealous that HE doesn't get to finish at 11am, but then, he doesn't start at 4.45 either.
Anyway, currently that is the least of my worries.

Incorporation, which has been on the backburner for the last two years is finally here, and to be perfectly frank, I'm a little worried.
Incorporation means that, if I am not a company by the time my contract is up for renewal in April, I will not have a contract, and therefore have a substantial loss of my income. It also means I have to outlay about $1500 just to set up the corporation, half of which is not deductable
Now up until now, I have been embracing the idea of incorporation, having grand ideas on how this could work for me. The more I look into it, however, the more nervous I become.

It's not the money I would have to pay out to set up that worries me the most. It is the whole attitude that is currently going on at Messenger Post towards cost savings.
Yes, cost savings are important in any business, but there is a point where things can be taken too far. At Messenger Post they have what I like to call the 'Great $2.50 Switcharoo'.
The 'Great $2.50 Switcharoo' works like this... You have a client whom you deliver mail to at an agreed price. The client relocates or changes delivery times, so a different driver has to do the job. Your job which is worth x amount of dollars becomes a newly reduced $2.50 job, and if you are lucky YOU may get a $2.50 job in return (Don't hold your breath!)

Essentially, while it would be nice to form a company to keep my job, there is an incresing amount of insecurity, and a constant downsliding of financial benefit. But probably the biggest insult is the pay compensation. YES YOU WILL GET A PAY RISE OF 1%.
Wow, thats certainly going to help cover the 9% super we will now have to pay, and the 30% company tax, and all the other bullshit things that go with it


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