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February 2001

On Feb 10 Western Australians go to the polls... Whoo Hoo, now we have the opportunity to get rid of one arrogant liberal premier in favor of an arrogant labour one. How much I'm looking forward to that I can't begin to tell you!!!
Whats more, I'm beginning to wonder if I live in a marginal electorate because, as well as the usual bombardment of political junk mail, we've actually had our local candidates door knocking... Yes you heard me correctly
Ok. so which way am I going to vote, well I guess the advantage of a secret ballot is that I don't have to tell you.

Australia Day.
This year we actually went into the city to view the skyshow and I realised it has probably been ten years since the last time we've done that (Last year we sat on the roof of my mum's house)
For something different, this year we got tickets for a river cruise. We watched the fireworks and laser show from the boat (Although we were in the wrong location when they exploded the city high rises in white fire). Very spectacular!
Then afterwards we went on a river cruise towards Fremantle, turning around just after Freshwater Bay, getting back to Barrack Street wharf just before 11pm.
High points - Good view of the skyshow, Draft Beer on tap
Low points - The DJ must have raided his daughters CD collection... Whats worse than a song by Brittany Spears? Answer... 3 @#$# songs by Brittany @#$# Spears! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!

My Mum had a lunch gathering at Montery's at the Sheraton for her birthday... Yes, she is 29 Again.... Hmmm not bad seeing as I'm 31... Mum if you weren't so vain you wouldn't have all these wierdo's messaging you on ICQ asking for all sorts of .... Oh perhaps I shouldn't go there

Finally.... Whats the worst thing about political jokes... They get elected!!! Mwahahahahahaha

Rob's Photography assignment

Photo pick of the month
This photo is one from the archives... Taken in 1990, it was an assignment for Rob's photography studies. This has been selected as the photo of the month even though it's an old one because his web page is now mostly up and running ...Click here to view!
Footnote... Smoking causes cancer, heart diesese and a whole range of illnesses... I gave up in 1993 after many attempts. It's not smart kiddies!!! QUIT

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