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March 2001

The Australian Federal government must be filling their underwear at the moment. One week after the Western Australian Liberals lost in a surprise defeat to Labor, Queenslanders went to the polls.

For the benefit of overseas readers, (or people who have had their head's under a rock) a brief history.
At the Queensland election last year, neither or the major parties had enough seats to form government so it wasnt until one of the minor parties (Democrates I think?) agreed to vote with Labor, that a majority was formed...Just!
Since then the government has been rocked with allegations of electoral rorting to the point where several ministers were removed from office, including the deputy premier. Being forced to call an early election any sane person would have predicted a horrible defeat, but thats not what happened.
Far from it in fact, as they now hold a two thirds majority, absolutly blitzing the opposition..

Whether this means anything to the federal government remains to be seen but they are now promising to change the tax laws to allow small business to complete their Business Activity Statement annually instead of quarterly. No complaints from me, but something should have been done about the CPI fuel adjustment... Oh well... Guess you can't have anything!

OK... I promise... No more politics (for a while anyway!)

On the home front...I have enrolled at Midland TAFE and am now studying for my diploma of Internet and Networking Technologies. Its a two year full time course... which means I shoud have it finnished by 2010 at my current part time rate. (Just kidding)

My brother had a son on 19 Feb. I can't really say much about that as we only found out because of a birth notice in the paper. His wife doesn't allow him to communicate with his family. I don't really want to go into reasons on here... Its hard not to sound bitter sometimes.
Gavin... You know you are welcome back to your family anytime.

Enough sentiment... someone pass me a tissue *sniffle*

Footnote: On 1 March, (the day I uploaded this page) The federal government announced they were reducing the fuel excise... I guess they really are in a state of panic. (Sorry... no more politics... no really, I mean it)

Emily being cute

Photo pick of the month
This photo was taken on Christmas day at the BBQ at Auntie Denise's house... Thats right... While I was busy slaving over a hot stove, everyone else was out having fun. Ahhhh I didn't really mind... Of course.
You gotta admit... she is a cutie. (Not that I'm biased or anything!)

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