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April 2001

This Month Jamie celebrates his first birthday, and what a year it has been. Having someone to copy has made him much more of a handful than his sister ever was. JAAAMIE ... GET OUTTA THE CUBOARD!
And of course there are things he can teach Emily... Like high pitched squeeling... Thanks mate!
One year since he came bounding out on the Mitchell Freeway, determined to make his presence felt in the most unusual of circumstances.

So we look back on a year of sleepless nights, nappies from hell, three months of colic and a squeal that could break glass
A year of cute smiles, giggles of delight as he plays with his sister, an appetite that rivals his fathers... oh and he was sleeping through the night after three months (the forementioned year was an exageration!)
Has it been worth it!
Of course it has... Wouldnt trade it for the world
Happy Birthday Jamie

Western Australian Police have announced that they will now be booking people for speeding by as little as two kilometres per hour over the speed limit. This is despite the fact that Australian design rules allow a 10% margin of error.
We are always being bombarded by the "speed kills" message from the powers that be, but I am not going to be swayed by this propaganda. I believe that speed can be a contributing factor but generally there is always another reason. Lack of attention is one of these factors, people don't use their mirrors or don't pay attention to anything but the one car in front, and thus, either fail to notice the hazard ahead or they have no idea of other vehicles around them if an emergency does occur
The other factor that is very popular in this city (and probably others as well) is tailgating. Only the other day i had a guy in a white Ford Fairlane sitting so close to me that at times I couldn't see his bonnet in my rear view mirror... I was doing a few kilometres over the posted speed of 70kmh and he would never have stopped in time if an emergency had occured
Obviously I am not saying that there should be no set limits on the road, the 40kmh school zones are a great idea (children are very likely to run out in front of vehicles and it is a proven fact that increased speed increases stopping distance), but the speeds on the freeways can be described as a joke
What it essentially boils down to is the under resorced police force are unable to police every road rule and therefore target the ones that are easy to. This predominatly means speeding and the use of speed cameras in locations where people are more likely to speed is the main reason that the police get accused of revenue raising. Changing the point at where you can get booked can only be viewed with cynicsm, especially as the fine will not attract any demerit points thus leaving you open to clock up more and more fines
I guess the zero tolorence campain against this most heinous crime is justified. After all... Speed kills... We know this because the advertisments tell us!

Oh yeah... I contemplated putting an April fools joke in here as well.... but seeing as it is only valid for half a day at the start of the month and I only update this page monthly I decided that it would wear thin. Tune in next month for another exciting (not) installment...

Photo pick of the month
This is a picture of me that I actually like. They are few and far between!

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