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May 2001

Jamie's first birthday party was a big success. Because his birthday was on a Thursday, we decided to hold the party on Saturday evening. My parents were the first to arrive, just after 5 o'clock, followed closely by my Nan.
The usual nibbles were served, chips, cheeseboard and dips at first, followed by quiches, marinated chicken wings, bruchetta, cold meats, salads and a big tray of nachos.
Amanda's father, Bob, was a little perplexed when I served up a warm salad, especially as I left the pork pie cold. The fact is, the pork pie is supposed to be served cold and the salad was just something I was experimenting with.
Just in case you are interested, this is the recipe -
1 cup of cooked rice
100g semi sundried tomatoes
100g olives
50g fetta
1/2 red onion
Fresh oregano
Finely chop all ingredients and mix in with rice, heat up a large heavy based frying pan, when hot add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil (about 2 tablespoons).
Add rice mix and the coarsely chopped leaves of a green oak lettuce and stir through just long enough to warm.
Serve in a large glass bowl.

I have finally completed (well almost) the commercial side of this site, however I seem to be having problems with the way Netscape 4 deals with some of the JavaScript, hopefully I will have this fixed soon. The problem is in the left frame and works fine in Internet Explorer 4 and 5, Netscape 6 and the latest version of Opera.
I have decided to spare you the political ramblings that have been dogging this page for the last few months... Lets see how long THIS will last.

Coming up this month - Emily's birthday and my dad's birthday.

Photo pick of the month
Family - Myself, Amanda and Jamie, at Jamies 1st birthday party,
Saturday 28 April 2001

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