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May 2002

1 May

There are quite a few things going on with my life at the moment, most of which I do not want to share with the whole world via the Internet, so you will have to forgive me if this journal entry is a little short
Am I happy? No I'm not.

5 May

If there is one shining light in my world at the moment, it is my kids. I swear they just get cuter every day. This morning Jamie got up and came into my bed and gave be the biggest hugs, it was so nice. The best thing is when they come barreling up to me going "daddy... daddy... daddy". Its so adorable.
Of course, i'm not biased in ANY WAY!

20 May

Today was Emily's third birthday. Three years since i first held her, she was so tiny. I hate that I couldn't be with her for this day, but I did spend the day thinking of her and I can't wait till Friday when I can see her again. Happy birthday princess, I love you.

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