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June 2001

Well, another milestone has come and gone. My baby girl is two years old and it is great to watch her develop in leaps and bounds. Some of the things she does are just darned cute, for example... On the TV show "The Weakest Link", immediatly after a contestant has been voted off and Cornelia gives her "You are the weakest link... goodbye"   speach. Emily runs up to the television and says goodbye as well.
For her birthday she received a video copy of "Winnie the Pooh" which has become her NEW favorite video, so "winnie pooh" has been added to her vocabulary. This leads me into another cute thing she has done...
New slippers were required (it is getting to cold to be walking barefoot now) so a trip to the shops were the order of the day. Amanda selected a pair that looked good on her and started to leave, but Emily had different plans... She had spied a pair of Eeyore novelty slippers and picked them up saying "winnie pooh, winnie pooh".
Once all the characters were brought into her reach she decided on the pooh slippers. They are so cute and as an added bonus, they were cheaper than the ones that were originally selected.

I have been very busy this last month working on an area in the back garden which has been mainly wasted space. I've rebuilt the garden beds and planted some grass runners. As soon as they grow I will move the kids swing set in there and get rid of the small picket fence that divides it from the rest of the garden.

Emily's Birthday

Photo pick of the month
"Happy Birthday, Emily".  Taking her cake and Candles too.

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