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June 2002

3 June

I have been feeling very flat this last 8 weeks, I can see it showing in these lack lustre journal entries. I have been trying to find something... Anything... To write about without going too much into what I am having to go through.
OK. So... What AM I having to go through?
Without going into too many details, Amanda and I have split up and I have just been sliding into depression.

The worst thing is, I am starting to get a glimpse of a government system that sanctions the removal of fathers from a child's life. The family court, who despite what they say, is pro mother. They will act 'in the best interest of the child which basically means... Not having a child living out of a suitcase going from one parent to another. What that means for me is, if THEY had to decide on residency issues, I would probably get them one night a fortnight.
I am currently getting them each weekend, albeit one weekend is split, but at least i get to see them for three days as I pick them up at 9am on Friday.
There is a whole lot more on my mind too, but like I said, I don't want to have to go into too many details on here. It's depressing enough as it is.

9 June

I'm always in a better mood after I have had the kids! and speaking of kids, my son is certainly precocious. On Friday, I was at my mothers and he was NOT going to have an afternoon sleep. I was tired and needed to at least lie down so i left him in his room for a while, but he started to get stroppy so I went and got him and cuddled up to him as I rested. I must have fallen asleep for maybe 10 minutes, but I remember waking up and thinking "its quiet! Where are the kids?"
So I went out to the family room to find one of mum's bird cages, on its side, on the floor with seed spilt everywhere, and Jamie saw me and came running towards me with the biggest of smiles saying "Birby, birby" (Birdy, birdy).
He lifted up his hand and presented me with a budgie that he had scooped up off the floor. HOW CAN YOU GET UPSET OVER THAT!!!
The bird was fine by the way :) Top

15 June

I have been house hunting this week and have just found a place in Dianella which is really nice. I think it was destiny that I got this house so I thought I would relay the story (I hope it doesn't get too confusing!)
On Wednesday I started looking around, and I saw a few places after getting a list from various real estate agents in Morley. Driving around the area I saw a house very close to my mothers and so i gave the agent a call and she gave me all the details, but at $160pw it was at the higher end of what I wanted to pay.
On Friday I took Emily around to various places to have a look inside and was a little disappointed by most all that I saw. The biggest problem being the lack of space in the living areas. The last place I saw that day, which I had held high hopes for, was a three bedroom villa, but even that was incredibly small in the living area, and that was $165.
With that, I decided that maybe I should have a look inside the house near mum.
I tried calling the agent but the only number on the sign was the office number and, being 5pm, I wasn't surprised when I didn't get a response. Unfortunately I didn't get a response on Saturday morning when I tried calling, so I continued looking at some other places.
The third place I looked at, a house in Morley, was nice and I was quite interested in that so I took the forms with me and headed back to mums house.
This is about where things all fell into place. My dad knows the people across the road and they in turn know the owners of the house to let, he also knew that the owners were moving over east to work and thats why the place was being leased out, so he went over to visit the neighbour and try and get a look at the house. As it turned out, the agent of the house was the neighbours sister, AND she was over at his house when dad called round. So the sister/agent went checked with the owners and five minutes later I was around checking the house out.
The living area was still smallish, but it did have a sleepout (a small room usually outside the house) that was inside the house, which will be perfect for my office.
There were two other applications apparently and the agent said that she was going to make a decision by Monday, but I guess I was the favorable applicant because about 15 minutes after i gave her the form and a deposit, I received a phonecall saying the house was mine and I will get the key next Friday.
I can't wait Top

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