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July 2002

2 July

Well... These last couple of weeks have been really busy. I have moved into my new place, and it is starting to resemble a domicile rather than a tip. Once the garbage gets collected on Thursday I will be able to get rid of the last of the rubbish left over from packing. Apart from losing the remote from my stereo, everything went off without a hitch. I have started some extra work for Post this week, very good timing now I have to pay rent on top of half a mortgage.

I have finally bitten the bullet with some other business related stuff and so hopefully I will start to see some fruits from that project soon.
One of the things I have done is gotten my business site off the tripod server that this site is on.
While I have no problems having popup ads on here (I always close them anyway) I don't really want them on the commercial site. The address has changed as well... Although it is not live at the time of writing this, the address is Hopefully tomorrow it will be up, things have been held up by Melbourne IT, as they have been upgrading their servers due to the changes to the rules for domains
I guess if its not up tomorrow... it will be back to making more phonecalls *sigh* Top

9 July

I am not one for watching a lot of TV, however last night I was over at my parents house and they had on SBS, and I was treated to the twisted humor of John Safran.
Now for those of you who dont know who he is, the ABC ran a competition several years ago called 'race around the world' in which the finalists were given digital camera's and sent around the world making mini documentaries. This is where John first came to public attention. His style was flamboyant enough to get him noticed and the ABC decided to give him a comedy series.
The pilot episode never made it to air and now lives in infamy.
It seems he had decided to take tabloid television to task over over some of their more unethical journalistic styles. Now to do this... he got an ABC film crew outside the then host of A Current Affair, Ray Martin and started going through his garbage. Needless to say... the crap hit the fan! So... After several years, he is back, and I have to say, I certainly had a good giggle at it. So thats SBS on Monday nights at 8.30

While I am on the subject of Television, it has come to my attention that Channel 10 are no longer showing the abomination that is Big Brother, so I guess my boycott of that channel can end... Then again... I'm really not missing it one bit! Top

22 July

Today there was fog.
We tend not to see fog here very often and so it is not unusual to find people who just do NOT know how to drive in it.
There are the usual idiots who dont slow down when the visibility is low, but then, there are others who slow down just a little TOO much.
I was driving down Beechboro Road near Whiteman Park, which is a 100 km/h zone. Visibility was not that great, but it was probably a good 150 metres, enough to do about 80 to 100. However the long line of traffic was unable to do that, because the car at the front was doing 40.
FORTY My god! This person was an accident waiting to happen, and it just takes one idiot to attempt to overtake... at least no one did that I guess... Oh one final whinge... if its foggy...TURN YOUR DAMN LIGHTS ON Top

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