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September 2001

I am sitting in a cell...

Jamie is getting increasingly more active, he explores things much more than Emily ever did, in fact, he is exploring things and TEACHING her how to do it. He can climb things that she was never interested in, he moves small tables or chairs so he can get things that are out of his reach, and, probably the most concerning, he can open the front door when its not locked.

Emily had no interest in doing any of that, when we told her "don't touch, its hot", she would find something else to do. Jamie wants to find out just how hot things are.
I guess thats why James sometimes looks like we are beating him up, he is so determined to do what he wants he is always falling over, usually hitting his head. The day of his first birthday party he cut his head open and it needed stitches, and, when we got back from Indonesia, he fell over that morning, an hour before we arrived home. Amanda's mum had been looking after the kids while we were away, and she discovered in a BIG way how headstrong young Jamie is.
Day care is the same. If there is an accident there, they have to fill out an incident report and we have to sign it to say we are aware of what happened. No prizes for guessing who has had NO incident reports and who has had a few!!!

So i am sitting in a cell... a little partitioned area in the house where i can sit down and work, without having the to get Jamie out of something he shouldn't be in. Most importantly, it stops him comming in here when we are not looking and resetting all functions on my machine, launching up the Internet, and rearranging my filing systems.

Love yah heaps though son

Tanah Lot

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Tanah Lot, Bali Indonesia. Click on the photo for more on our recent holiday

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